Steve Barrett

Steve Barrett is the heartbeat of Gumshield Gym, and plays an integral part in the day-to-day running of operations.

With a carefully concentrated mix of discipline and care, Steve knows how to get the very best out of his clients, amateur and professional boxers. A stellar amateur boxing career with over 120 fights, Steve is a veteran of the sport with a wealth of knowledge to match.

Following his own exploits in boxing, Steve shifted his attention towards developing and fostering young talent at the grassroots of the sport through Eltham ABC, and after his son Ryan showed a keen interest at age seven, it was a certain project for the future. Steve devoted 24 years to his son’s boxing career, pitching in as his trainer, coach and corner man.

Gumshield Gym is a reflection of all the hard workSteve has poured into boxing over the past 30 years, and it is his undeniable passion for boxing that inspires those he trains, to fulfil their true potential.

Ryan Barrett

Ryan Barrett’s life has been boxing. From the age of 7, it was an outlet that came naturally to him, flourishing in a hard-working environment at Eltham ABC.

As an amateur Ryan asserted his dominance, winning 60 of his 75 fights, as he took four national championships, as well as English and International titles respectively.
Toward the latter stages of his teens, it was becoming increasingly clear that a future in professional boxing loomed.

He made the transition into the professional game look easy, recording early wins over Gareth Wiltshaw, Jason Gonzalez and Martin Turner. And continued to grab attention throughout his career, as the likes of Amir Khan, Willie Limmond and Dierry Jean looked to test themselves against a higher calibre of fighter.

With44 professional fights under his belt, Ryan recorded 30 wins, 11 losses and 3 draws – a proper record, where no opponent was avoided. With career highs including the destruction of Mark Alexander to win the International title, the overhaul of Femi Femetola to snatch up the English title and the trouncing of Jamie McKeever to claim the British Master’s title.

Ryan was also able to fulfil a childhood dream, winning the WBU World welterweight title in Germany, a fight made all the sweeter as he was able to avenge a previous defeat, in Geoffrey Munika.

Now retired, Ryan has shifted his focus towards the coaching and training side of the sport, following the same path as his father. He coached the Cayman Islands national team to various international medals, and qualified them for the 2018 Commonwealth Games, where they performed well.

His time in the ring was cut short, but his time out of it will continue for many years to come. Having moved back to the UK, he has re-joined his father at Gumshield Gym to train and teach the sweet science.

Though the profit of exercises does not occur overnight, we organize a 12 weeks’ transformation programme of high intensity. We not only provide a full range of resistance training but also rectify and develop poor postures under the proper guidance of fitness gurus and experts. Besides, bona fide nutritional and supplement advice is an added advantage of Aesthetics Gym which visualizes to usher in a fit, healthy and salubrious lifestyle for all its members. Joining here will altogether be a divergent experience for you for these fitness features :

  • Free floor area for aerobics workout
  • Genuine and vigorous training  ( strength training, crossfit, pilates, kickboxing, yoga and other essentials)
  • Through guidance of nutrition and supplement by accomplished experts
  • Refined and unique rehabilitation from injury through decent physiotherapy
  • Steam bath and cold and hot shower to revive you after a workout session
  • Personal training care
  • Flexible and easy-going gym hours
  • 24 x 7 proficient power supply
  • Revised stretching and yoga

Aesthetics Gym is here to boost you, your body and psyche. Join us to exercise every day, raise your endorphin and feel the change within you and around you.